I used Jim at Republic Pipeworks to handle the gas line plumbing for my restaurant.
I can’t say enough good things about Jim and his work. He is a Master Plumber in every sense. He was prompt, reliable and extremely knowledgeable. His pricing was very fair and his pride in his work in evident in the results. Jim also took the time to explain what he was planning prior to starting, answering all my questions to MY satisfaction every step of the way. Further, instead of plumbing everything simply as he saw as best, He took the time to present me with my options and advised me as to what he thought was the best course of action. I truly felt as a customer, I was a priority to him and he has earned my respect both as a customer and as a fellow businessman.

From now on, Republic Pipeworks will be the only company I trust to handle my commercial plumbing, as well as, the plumbing in my own home.

Austin, TX

Jim has done several jobs for me and I have been happy with all the work. He is fair in his pricing. Recently he did some work for me in San Antonio. Another plumber wanted more than I wanted to spend to install a clean out so I decided to ask Jim to do the work. After driving and digging he found out that the building had already had a clean out. He was honest and told me that I already had an existing cleanout. Most plumbers would have just charged me for the work that was not done but Jim was honest enough to let me know that he found the clean out buried under the dirt. I recommend to my friends and family and have no problem giving him a good review.

Austin, TX

I had Jim with Republic Pipeworks handle all the plumbing for a house my wife and I are building in Austin. I have been extremely pleased with the results. From the rough-in to the top-out his work has been all quality, its a shame it will be covered up with sheetrock... Jim comes from a plumbing family and was obviously instilled with a work ethic that prevents him from doing anything but quality work. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in having work done by a profession tradesman who cares about his craft.