About Us

James At Work

I was very young when I started apprenticing with my families plumbing co. During summer vacations from school.

So, as you can imagine, I carry some great memories from those years. And I’ve had some fantastic teachers along the way. Which is why I enjoy what I do so much. Throughout my 27+ years in the trade, I’ve enjoyed building and service plumbing systems for Hospitals, hotels, high-rise apartment buildings, Industrial laboratories and all types of residential systems. So,  When I’d finally had enough of the arbitrary practices of the corporate world… I started REPUBLIC.

We started Republic in March 2011 because I saw the need to provide the Austin area with dependable, affordable Plumbing Services from a company who didn’t treat its customers like names on an invoice. So, I set out to create an old World PIPEWORKS and I believe I’ve done just that!
Republic can handle all your plumbing needs, from a simple toilet repair to a completely new build from the ground up! plus, give you suggestions to help keep you inside your budget. then Back our work with a written guarantee!

So, whether your repair needs involve a leaky kitchen sink or a new sewer line, Republic is on top of it. Plus For that custom build, Republic’s your one stop shop! So, give us a call @ 512-584-3424 and you’ll say Republic’s the modern shop that proves Old World Service and Craftsmanship still exists!

The Plumber Protects the health of the Nation